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by Daniel Young


The American composer and author Paul Bowles (“The Sheltering Sky”) was a man with a great deal of charisma and influence. When he moved to Tangier, Morocco, in 1949, half the world followed him to the enigmatic city. His marriage with author Jane Bowles was a loving relationship of opposites, even though both were homosexual. Based on exclusive interviews with Bowles shortly before his death interwoven with anecdotes recounted by his friends and co-workers, the film portrays a daring and visionary life as well as a relationship shaped by an interdependency that encompassed much more than sexuality.

international title: Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open
original title: Paul Bowles: The Cage Door is Always Open
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Submarine/New York
year: 2012
genre: documentary
directed by: Daniel Young
film run: 87'
screenplay: Daniel Young
cinematography by: Imre Juhasz, Andres Brütsch, Robert-Adrian Pejo, Felix von Muralt, Marco Möschler, Yoav Parish
film editing: Kaya Inan
music: Csaba Kalotás
producer: This Brunner, Stanley Buchthal, Simon Hesse, Andres Brütsch
production: HesseGreutert Film, This Brunner, Topicfilm Manufaktur
distributor: Look Now!
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