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by Martin Lagestee


13 year old Sanne loves stories about ghosts and other mysterious things. Her father Lucas, is a famous ghost hunter. During a holiday Lucas is asked to chase ghosts of the former cruise ship 'Rotterdam'. Sanne is very happy to hear she and her little brother Thomas can come along. On the ship she meets ghost Bobby, a boy of her age, who has been wandering the ship since the sixties. Sanne decides to help Bobby...

international title: Bobby and the Ghost Hunters
original title: Bobby en de geestenjagers
country: Netherlands
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Martin Lagestee
film run: 85'
release date: NL 13/02/2013
screenplay: Nancy Stevelinck, Martin Dewitte, Wijo Koek
cast: Lotte Heijtenis, Hanna Obbeek, Jelle Stout, Max van den Burg, Bas van Prooijen, Nils Verkooijen
cinematography by: Maarten van Keller
costumes designer: Martina Fehmer
music: Brian Clifton
production: Lagestee Film, Televisie Radio Omroep Stichting (TROS)
distributor: Paradiso Filmed Entertainment Nederland
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