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by Ivana Mladenović


After years behind bars, three young Roma men are released from prison. Bidding an emotional farewell to their fellow inmates, they exit to find their rejoicing families celebrating their homecoming with showers of tears, money, and dancing. Though the men accept the adoration with numbed excitement, they are unaccustomed to the expectations of existence on the outside and, consequently, begin to rediscover lives of aggression and arrogance. Among them is Alex, a captivating figure who charismatically addresses his past with a disturbingly blasé attitude toward violence, women, and guilt.

international title: Turn Off the Lights
original title: Turn Off the Lights
country: Romania
year: 2012
genre: documentary
directed by: Ivana Mladenović
screenplay: Ivana Mladenović, Bianca Oana
cinematography by: Luchian Ciobanu, Claudiu Ciprian Popa
film editing: Ana Ilieșiu
music: Ion Dumitrescu, Andrei Dinescu, Horatiu Serbanescu
producer: Bianca Oana, Daniel Mitulescu
production: Strada Film
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