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by Ádám Császi


The mishaps of Szabolcs, an Hungarian footballer, in love with Bernard, one of his team-mates in Germany. They are, however, fired from the team, and Szabolcs decides to give up football and return home to Hungary. Settling in the vast prairie land of Puszta, he works on an isolated farm that he has inherited and soon meets Áron, a 16 year-old teenager searching for his identity in an ultra-traditional region. Then Bernard arrives from Germany and asks Szabolcs to leave with him, back to the world of football, as a team is waiting for them…

international title: Land of Storms
original title: Viharsarok
country: Hungary, Germany
sales agent: m-appeal
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Ádám Császi
film run: 105'
screenplay: Iván Szabó
cast: Andras Sutö, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Adam Varga, Lajos Otto Horvath
cinematography by: Marcell Rév
film editing: Tamás Kollányi
art director: Nóra Takács
costumes designer: Klára Kalicz-Mészáros
music: Csaba Kalotás
producer: Viktória Petrányi, Eszter Gyárfás
production: Proton Cinema
distributor: Salzgeber & Co. Medien, Caramel Films

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