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by Albert Dupontel


The film’s screenplay starts with a surprise for Ariane Felder: She’s pregnant! It’s really quite surprising because the young judge is a very straight-laced hardened bachelorette. It all gets even more surprising when a paternal test reveals that the child’s father is none other than Bob, a criminal charged for a frightful assault! Ariane, who remembers nothing, tries to understand what on earth happened and what she should be expecting…

international title: 9 Month Stretch
original title: 9 mois ferme
country: France
sales agent: Elle Driver
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Albert Dupontel
film run: 82'
release date: FR 16/10/2013, BE 16/10/2013, ES 11/04/2014
screenplay: Albert Dupontel
cast: Albert Dupontel, Sandrine Kiberlain, Nicolas Marié, Philippe Uchan, Philippe Duquesne, Bouli Lanners
cinematography by: Vincent Mathias
film editing: Christophe Pinel
art director: Pierre Quefféléan
costumes designer: Mimi Lempicka
music: Christophe Julien
producer: Catherine Bozorgan
production: ADCB Films, France 2 Cinéma, Wild Bunch Production
backing: Canal +, Ciné +
distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution, Lumière, Vértigo Films, Cine Europa

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