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by Antej Farac


Far removed from the global financial and economic crisis, the film tells about an endearing, bizarre troupe living on the fringe of existence. They are considered unemployable, have been unemployed for years, and only negotiate in the hard currency of alcohol in their microcosm. But one day the peace of those who have long belonged to the ranks of losers is disrupted when their homeland, the former Pension Annelie in Munich, is ordered to close. While Max, the king of the free-loaders, gets dragged deeper and deeper into drug addiction, the rest of the Annelie family do their best to stick together one last time.

original title: Annelie
country: Germany, Switzerland
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Antej Farac
film run: 111'
release date: CH 18/04/2013, DE 12/12/2013
screenplay: Antej Farac
cast: Georg Friedrich, Günter Reupert-Hasselmeier, Franz Rudolf, Kim Harbusch, Irene Fritschi, Renate Muhri, Gabi Tichi
cinematography by: Chris Valentien
film editing: Antej Farac
art director: Bettina Morell, Florian Schafarschik
costumes designer: Florian Noll
music: Tito Lee
producer: Johann Betz, Zoé Schaub
production: Drei Wünsche GmbH, el Patrol Art & Advertising GmbH
backing: FFF Bayern, DFFF, KJDF
distributor: Alpha Medienkontor GmbH
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