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by Neil Jordan


Bob Montagnet is an American gambler and thief, who has ended up in the South of France, out of luck and out of money. But he is also a heroin addict, his habit fed by Said, a young Algerian. As the film opens, Bob is gambling in an illegal joint run by Remi, a local pimp. He is losing, as he has been for months. In his heroin induced haze, he meets Anne, a young Eastern European girl 'trapped' by Remi. Bob is taken by her beauty and in particular her lucky eyes.

international title: The Honest Thief
original title: The Good Thief
country: United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Canada
sales agent: Alliance Atlantis (CA)
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Neil Jordan
film run: 109'
release date: IE 28/02/2003, UK 07/03/2003, IT 23/05/2003, FR 13/08/2003, ES 05/09/2003, DE 09/10/2003, GR 15/10/2003, BE 19/11/2003, AT 28/11/2003, LT 19/12/2003
screenplay: Neil Jordan
cast: Nick Nolte, Tchéky Karyo, Said Taghmoui, Gérard Darmon, Emir Kusturica
cinematography by: Chris Menges
film editing: Tony Lawson
art director: Anthony Pratt
costumes designer: Penny Rose
music: Elliot Goldenthall
producer: Stephen Woolley, John Wells, Seaton McLean
production: Company of Wolves, Metropolitan Films, TNVO, Alliance Atlantis (CA)
distributor: Momentum Pictures, 01 Distribution (IT), TFM Distribution (FR), Manga Films (ES), Solo (DE), Acme (LT)
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