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by Jerzy Kowynia


Stacho is serving a couple-year prison sentence. An open conflict arises in his cell. Marta, who lives with his mother, begins an affair with a young Irishman named Liam. Stach’s mother commits suicide. Stacho gets a compassionate pass for two days. He goes home where he meets his father, who he hasn’t seen for a long time. The night before the funeral a meeting occurs between Stach, Marta, their father and Liam. This meeting reveals many of the family’s secrets.

international title: Kamchatka
original title: Kamczatka
country: Poland
sales agent: LBYL Films Sales and Distribution/Brooklyn
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Jerzy Kowynia
film run: 77'
screenplay: George Kowynia
cast: Tomasz Sobczak, Edyta Torhan, Lidia Bogaczowna - Popiel, Jerzy King, Thymn Chase, Mateusz Janicki, Arkadiusz Cyran
art director: Robert Dyrcz
costumes designer: Margaret Gwiazdecka
production: Sagittarius Film, Divizion Film Studio
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