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by Justine Triet


May 6, 2012. Cable news reporter Laetitia is covering the French presidential elections, while Vincent, her ex-husband, demands to see their two young daughters. It's a manic Sunday in Paris : two agitated girls, a frazzled babysitter, a needy new boyfriend, a grumpy lawyer and France cut in half !

international title: Act of Panic
original title: La Bataille de Solférino
country: France
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Justine Triet
film run: 94'
release date: FR 18/09/2013
screenplay: Justine Triet
cast: Laetitia Dosch, Vincent Macaigne, Arthur Harari, Virgil Vernier, Marc-Antoine Vaugeois
cinematography by: Tom Harari
film editing: Damien Maestraggi
art director: Régis Blasy
costumes designer: Mariette Niquet
producer: Emmanuel Chaumet
production: Ecce Films
distributor: Shellac Distribution, Numéro Zéro