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by Tomislav Mršić


It is a story of eight outsiders who will try to create a theatre play while breaking every rule of theatre craft. It tells the story of Sasha, a relatively successful theater director, who returns from the big city to his home town without a clear notion of what that change might bring, leaving behind his career to re-start the neglected local theater. The call came from the mayor and Saša’s school colleagues. However, the play will be a succession of hurdles, as the city does not have any actors or anyone who would know anything about the theater business. The candidates will all be amateurs, and as the play will seem even more impossible to set up, they settle on a common ground: Western.

international title: Cowboys
original title: Kauboji
country: Croatia
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Tomislav Mršić
film run: 90'
cast: Saša Anočić, Ivana Rushaidat, Nina Erak, Ana Begić, Živko Anočić, Matija Antolić, Hrvoje Barišić, Kruno Klabučar, Rakan Rushaidat, Radovan Ruždjak
cinematography by: Predrag Dubravčić
film editing: Hrvoje Mršić
art director: Tanja Lacko, Jelena Đanko
costumes designer: Željka Franulović
music: Damir Martinović, Ivanka Mazurkijević
producer: Suzana Pandek
production: Kabinet, Hrvatska radiotelevizija (HRT)
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