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by Lois Patiño


Portrait of Costa da Morte (coast region in Galicia, Spain) from an ethnographic and landscape level, exploring also the collective imagination associated with the area. A region marked by strong oceanic feeling dominated by the historical conception of world´s end and with tragic shipwrecks. Fragmentary film that approaches to the anthropological from its protagonists: sailors, shellfish, loggers, farmers ... A selection of characters representative of the traditional work carried out in the countryside in the region, allowing us to reflect on the influence of the environment on people.

international title: Coast of Death
original title: Costa da Morte
country: Spain
year: 2013
genre: documentary
directed by: Lois Patiño
film run: 81'
cinematography by: Lois Patiño
film editing: Lois Patiño, Pablo Gil Rituerto
music: Ann Deveria
producer: Felipe Lage, Martin Pawley
production: Zeitun Films
backing: AGADIC
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