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by Ernest Meholli


A psychological drama about an army deserter that returns home. He expects to find his life the way he left it, but he finds out that he is declared dead and everything has changed. He tries desperately to reconnect with his loved one. Slowly he becomes a shadow of his former self, struggling with the fact that he no longer exists for the world he used to be a part of.

international title: Gone Back
original title: Gone Back
country: Netherlands
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Ernest Meholli
release date: NL 02/05/2013
cast: Astrit Alihajdaraj, Hanna Verboom, Blerim Destani, Karin Jessica Jansen, Refet Abazi, Yinli Titt
cinematography by: Danny Noordanus
film editing: Joost van de Wetering
art director: Janneke Jacobs
costumes designer: Florentine Burghout, Carla van Zanddijk
music: Matteo Taheri
producer: Ernest Meholli
production: EM Filmworks, Illyria FIlm/Kosovo

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