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by Pupi Avati


Nello, a shy academic type lives with his family in Rome where his father is tailor to the Pope. His father sends him to Bologna, in the hope that in this more emancipated city his son will find it more easy to meet girls , get some experience and maybe even find the woman he wants to marry.

international title: A Heart Elsewhere
original title: Il cuore altrove
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Pupi Avati
film run: 103'
release date: IT 24/01/2003, BE 22/10/2003, FR 17/12/2003, LU 17/12/2003
screenplay: Pupi Avati
cast: Neri Marcorè, Vanessa Incontrada, Sandra Milo, Giulio Bosetti, Giancarlo Giannini, Nino D'Angelo
cinematography by: Pasquale Rachini
film editing: Amedeo Salfa
art director: Simona Migliotti
costumes designer: Mario Carlini, Francesco Crivellini
music: Riz Ortolani
producer: Antonio Avati
production: Duea Film, RAI Cinema
distributor: 01 Distribution, Océan Films (FR)

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