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by Zdenek Tyc


The end of summer in Like Never Before also means the end of a life. Painter Vladimír Holas is dying. He doesn't want to die in a hospital, so his country home in the middle of a beautiful landscape is his last resort. There are two women with him: Karla, younger and a painter like Vladimír, is a bohemian and doesn't flinch at using bad language. The older Jaruna is a nurse, the painter's former lover, and very different from Vladimír and Karla. All three fight useless battles against death, against themselves, and among themselves.

international title: Like Never Before
original title: Like Never Before
country: Czech Republic, Slovakia
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Zdenek Tyc
film run: 100'
release date: CZ 19/09/2013
screenplay: Markéta Bidlasová, Zdenek Tyc
cast: Jiří Schmitzer, Taťjana Medvecká, Petra Špalková
cinematography by: Patrik Hoznauer
film editing: Vladimír Barák
producer: Ondrej Trojan
production: Total Help Art, Czech Television - Česká televize
backing: The Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography, Film Industry Support Programme
distributor: Falcon
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