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by José María Nunes


One day a man cries out. He cries out so that his cry will reach out until it finds a friend. More and more he thinks about the people he used to know. It is possible that other friends could have been forgotten.

international title: FRIENDNEIRF
original title: AMIGOGIMA
country: Spain
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: José María Nunes
film run: 102'
release date: ES 14/06/2002
screenplay: José María Nunes
cast: José María Blanco, Susana García Díez, Empar Rosselló, Martín Huber, Cristina Valentí, Emili Auguet, Manolo Gómez
cinematography by: Joan Bibiloni, Carles Camps
film editing: Carles Camps, José María Nunes
music: G. Muiños, Grupo Brioles
producer: Lluís Valentí
production: Lluís Valentí S.L., Televisió de Catalunya - TV3, Generalitat de Catalunya
distributor: Lluis Valentí, S.L
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