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by Ciro De Caro


Nowadays, four Italian young adults longing to change their lives, yet stuck upon the shelf: Valerio and Kookie, dreaming of their big break, yet still not being independent; Giovanna and Serena, pretending to be adult, yet never having dared to live. Then, the encounter with Mei Mei, a young Chinese prostitute, shines a light on the truth: the gain of one’s freedom is, above all, an inside job.

international title: Spaghetti Story
original title: Spaghetti Story
country: Italy
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Ciro De Caro
film run: 83'
release date: IT 19/12/2013
screenplay: Ciro De Caro, Rossella D'Andrea
cast: Valerio Di Benedetto, Christian Di Sante, Sara Tosti, Rossella D'Andrea, Claudia Vismara, Deng Xueying, Tsang Wei Min, Giancarlo Fares, Piersandro Buzzanca, Marisa Scoccia
cinematography by: Davide Manca
film editing: Alessandro Cerquetti
costumes designer: Noemi Bengala
music: Francesco D'Andrea
producer: Pier Francesco Aiello, Andrea De Liberato, Ciro De Caro
production: PFA Films, Enjoy Movies
distributor: Distribuzione Indipendente
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