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by Andrès Arce Maldonado


Rome. Valentine's Day’s Eve. Three characters meet and clash. They don’t yet know that each one will change each other's lives: their names are Kamal, Vania and Lucrezia. Kamal, a young Moroccan pusher, book lover and enemy of all forms of fundamentalism. He dreams of becoming Italian, European, Western, and meanwhile he’s selling drugs in a public library. Vania is a beautiful Moldovan caregiver, very kind and very religious. She’s haunted by hallucinations of her monstrous past as a hooker. Licrezia is a gutsy Italian businesswoman, in love with her dog and her company. Like so many others, almost without realizing it, she fell into the clutches of a loan shark.

original title: Carta bianca
country: Italy
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Andrès Arce Maldonado
film run: 90'
release date: IT 26/06/2014
screenplay: Andrès Arce Maldonado, Andrea Zauli
cinematography by: Maura Morales Bergmann
film editing: Jennie Vazquez Alarcón
art director: Ilaria Carannante, Vittoria Betti
costumes designer: Ilaria Carannante, Vittoria Betti
music: Max Trani
producer: Andrès Arce Maldonado
distributor: Distribuzione Indipendente
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