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by Thomas Kaiser


Eight year old Maria has her bicycle stolen, and like a lightning from the clear sky Ploddy the Policicar comes to the rescue: Ploddy is a living car with a mind of his own.

international title: Ploddy the Policecar
original title: Pelle Politibil
country: Norway
sales agent: BV International Pictures
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Thomas Kaiser
film run: 73'
release date: NO 26/12/2002
screenplay: Kjersti Normann, Live Bonnevie, Arthur Johansen
cast: Gard Eidsvold, Hege Elise Strømsnes, Bjørn Sundquist, Jørgen Langhelle, Roger Hilleren, Stein Bjørn, Nina Bendiksen
cinematography by: Marius Johansen Hansen
film editing: Are Syvertsen
art director: Kenneth H. Kolberg
music: Trond Bjerkenæs
producer: Åge Åberge
production: Yellow Cottage A/S, NRK - Norsk Rikskringkasting
distributor: SF Studios Norge AS
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