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by Jirí Menzel


Vítek is an opera director. In order to appear interesting he says he doesn’t like opera. In order to appear even more interesting, he says he likes soprano singers. Teacher Markétka leads a children's choir. She doesn’t like opera either, but doesn't mind listening to it on the radio. Vítek starts to rehearse Don Giovanni in a regional theatre. According to him, great operas can do without an intelligent plot and he doesn’t want to force the singers to take the tragic moments in operas seriously. Markétka and her little singers try to restore a derelict chateau theatre. Famous baritone singer Jakub, who lives abroad, arrives in the town to play the Commendatore. The destinies of all the three characters entangle and end with a happy marriage.

international title: The Don Juans
original title: Donsajni
country: Czech Republic
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Jirí Menzel
film run: 102'
release date: CZ 26/09/2013
screenplay: Jirí Menzel, Tereza Brdecková
cast: Jan Hartl, Libuse Safránková, Martin Huba, Jirina Jirásková, Ivana Chýlková, Jan Jirán, Václav Kopta
cinematography by: Jaromír Šofr
film editing: Jiří Brožek
producer: Adrian Sarbu
production: Media Pro Pictures, TV NOVA
backing: The Czech State Fund for the Support and Development of Czech Cinematography
distributor: Bontonfilm
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