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by Alia Ayman


Born and raised in Cairo 22 year old Alia Ayman films herself and visually exhibits her views of life, taboos and identity crisis in her 7 minutes of Catharsis, her boldest attempt yet at self discovery. The film which was inspired by Ayman's 3 months in New York, the city that she fell in love with at first sight, is an intimate portrayal of her mind, her fears, her religious Muslim family and her spiritually conflicted self. New York liberated her and inspired this film, which not only is an honest and genuine portrayal of a young woman's identity crisis, but is also her first step at reconciliation with her self, her family and her country.

international title: Catharsis: A self-portrait
original title: Catharsis: A self-portrait
country: Egypt
year: 2013
genre: documentary
directed by: Alia Ayman
film run: 8'
screenplay: Alia Ayman
cinematography by: Alia Ayman
film editing: Alia Ayman
music: Nada el Shazly
producer: Alia Ayman
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