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by Odette Makhlouf Mouarkech


n Beirut suburbs, during civil war, my family and neighbors, used to hide in Mary's house, known to be the safest. It became so thanks to the salon wall that was built with reinforced concrete. 20 years after the war ended, the wall is about to fall unveiling loads of confessions and true emotions that kept neighbors close to each other in difficult times.

international title: The wall
original title: Al Hayt
country: Lebanon, Qatar
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Odette Makhlouf Mouarkech
film run: 22'
screenplay: Odette Makhlouf Mouarkech
cast: Arzeh Khoder, Rachel Salemeh, Pierre Berberi
cinematography by: Pierre Mouarkech
film editing: Nadim Chartouni, Pierre Mouarkech
music: Nadim Mechlawy
producer: Abla Khoury, Emile Sleylati
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