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by Alberto Morais


In the sleepy outskirts of Valencia, little moves aside from the colossal cranes arranging shipping containers into massive blocks. Young Miguel and his friends kill time playing soccer in a vacant dirt lot, or bouncing a ball against a wall on the site where the old Cine Nazaret used to be — even the movies have forgotten this place. Parents are either absent or in some zombie-like state. The only adult with whom Miguel connects is his grandpa, who can usually be found wandering the neighbourhood in his underwear or locked in his room, smoking.

international title: The Kids from the Port
original title: Los chicos del puerto
country: Spain
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Alberto Morais
film run: 78'
release date: ES 15/11/2013
screenplay: Alberto Morais, Ignacio Gutiérrez-Solana
cast: Omar Krim, Blanca Bautista, Mikel Sarasa, Jose Luis De Madariaga
cinematography by: Bet Rourich
film editing: Manel Barriere
art director: Carlos Ramón
music: Xema Fuertes
producer: Veronica Garcia, Alberto Morais
production: Olivo Films S.L., Primero Izquierda
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