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by Rasmus A Sivertsen


A little to the East of South, and West of North lays a little hill town where time has stood still. The name of the town is Flåklypa and in Flåklypa, as in the rest of Norway, Christmas is drawing close.Together with the inventor Reodor Felgen, Ludvig and Solan are preparing for Christmas but something important is missing. Snow. In town Pløsen the editor of The Flåklypa Gazette is struggeling with the same problems, toghether with the falling sales numbers of his newspaper. An easy fix he thinks if he can just get his hands on Reodor Felgen's snow machine, he can promise the people of Flåklypa a white Christmas. If he comes through they will buy his paper. In the wrong incapable hands the snow machine invented to fullfill Ludvig's dream of a white Christmas, turns out to be a dangerous tool, and as Flåklypa is about to be buried in snow, Ludvig and Solan have to find Reodor who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

international title: Solan and Ludvig: Christmas in Pinchcliffe
original title: Solan og Ludvig: Jul i Flåklypa
country: Norway
year: 2013
genre: animation
directed by: Rasmus A Sivertsen
release date: NO 08/11/2013, FR 26/11/2014
screenplay: Karsten Fullu
cinematography by: Janne Hansen, Morten Skallerud
producer: Cornelia Boysen
co-producer: Ove Heiborg
production: Maipo Film & TV Produksjon AS, Qvisten Animation AS
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribusjon AS, Les Films du Préau
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