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by Anne Alix


Joachim and Franco have watched the midnight sun and now it is time to return back home again. But they have a long road ahead of them, over 3,000 kilometres, and not much in common. There is tension in the air, but they will have to put up with each other for a while.

international title: Dream, Dream, Dream
original title: Dream, Dream, Dream
country: Germany, France, Finland
sales agent: Integral Film
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Anne Alix
film run: 93'
release date: FR 07/12/2002
screenplay: Anne Alix
cast: Harry Baer, Franco Belviso, Manuel Blanc, Marina Kobakhidze, Heinz Lieven
cinematography by: Pascale Granel
film editing: Marie-Laure Desideri
art director: Dawn Carman Staub
music: Hinrich Dagefoer, Stefan Wulff, Frank Wulff-Raven
producer: Helmut Dietl, Marcel Hoehn, Dagmar Jacobsen, Marc Ruscart, Tuomas Sallinen, Frédéric Sichler
production: Integral Film, Diana Film, Euripide Productions, Wide Eye Productions (FI), ARTE (FR)
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