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by Brahim Chkiri


Four young men on the dole from Casablanca dream of going to the Netherlands. They meet a notorious crook, who convinces them he can do the job, but it will be costly. They manage to find the money for one of them only, Hmida. After a few months without any news from their mutual friend, the three remaining ones discover that he is in Aghanistan instead of Holland. They decide to kidnap the crook and force him to help them finding Hmida.

international title: Road to Kabul
original title: Road to Kabul
country: Morocco
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Brahim Chkiri
film run: 112'
release date: MA 05/04/2012
screenplay: Brahim Chkiri, Sidney F-G James
cast: Said Bey, Younes Bouab, Rafik Boubker, Aziz Dadas, Rabie Kati, Amine Naji
cinematography by: Ahmed Boutgaba
film editing: Mokhtar Oumoumad
music: Audionetwork
producer: Mohamed Rezqi, Hinda Sikkal
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