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by Basem Nabhan


A search for an ideology is not a simple search, in fact it is such a hard search that you must look in the strangest of places. Adam decides he needs an answer for he can be a sheep no more, through daily university life experiences and interactions with his friends Sabah and Amal, he finally is able to cross the river which symbolizes the question people are afraid to ask, and he reaches the side where he knows and understands what he believes in.

international title: Heavens
original title: Samawat
country: Syria
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Basem Nabhan
film run: 99'
screenplay: Abdulrazzak Fahham, Basem Nabhan
cast: Belal Bozo, Rashed Dahnoon, Ahmad Diab, Abdulrazzak Fahham, Aseel Masoud, Suha Nabhan
cinematography by: Basem Nabhan
film editing: Basem Nabhan
music: Ahmad Diab, Abdulrazzak Fahham, Mohammed Tayara, Diana Zada
producer: Mohammed Tayara
production: conCept
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