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by Mina Djukic


Lazar (24) and Leni (24) are close friends from early childhood. Leni is forced to spend summer in their small provincial home town working in her parents Pharmacy. She anxiously waits for Lazar who is coming back after 3 years of styding abroad. Once they reunite they decide to start a random bicycle trip around the scenries of their childhood in order to either exhaust or reinvent their relationship which is inevitably reaching its turning point.

international title: The Disobedient
original title: Neposlusni
country: Serbia, Germany
sales agent: Visit Films/New York
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Mina Djukic
screenplay: Mina Djukic
cast: Hana Selimović, Mladen Sovilj, Danijel Sike, Minja Subota, Marko Janjic, Branka Selic, Zarko Radic
cinematography by: Dorde Arambasic
film editing: Dragan von Petrovic
art director: Nikola Bercek
costumes designer: Suna Kazic
producer: Mina Djukic, Nikola Lezaic
production: Film House Kiselo Dete, Augenschein Filmproduktion
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