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by Iman Kamel


An Egyptian filmmaker's journey to the remote regions of a militarized Sinai Peninsula sparks an intimate dialog when she encounters a Bedouin social entrepreneur in a tiny village in the shadow of Moses Mountain. In this harsh desert terrain, where water is scarce and the eyes of the army watch the Bedouin closely, Selema the Bedouin struggles against patriarchal traditions to bring economic prosperity and education to the girls and women of her tribe. As filmmaker Iman Kamel is invited into the tribeswomen's inner circles, she discovers that even though she and Selema were born of entirely different social and cultural circumstances within Egypt, their lives are more connected than might appear on the surface.

international title: Nomad's Home
original title: Beit Sha'ar
country: Egypt, Germany, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates
year: 2010
genre: documentary
directed by: Iman Kamel
release date: BE 03/10/2011
screenplay: Klaus Freund, Iman Kamel
cast: Selema Gabaly, Iman Kamel
cinematography by: Ute Freund
film editing: Klaudia Begic
music: Frieder Butzmann
producer: Talal Al-Muhanna, Iman Kamel
production: Nomads Home Productions, Linked Productions, Tecom Invsetments FZ
backing: MAMA Cash (Holland) Fansina Bedouin Crafts Studio, Embassies of France in Kuwait & U.A.E., Schelby DC
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