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by Osama Elwardani


18 days in Tahrir Square was an inspiring and life learning experience. One of the lessons learned, was that it is much better to die in dignity that to live in fear and submission. Another thing is that participating and being present at the scene of action, is much better than following the news at home. Because of this, el Wardani - a rap singer - did not stand by and watch what was happening in Libya. He decided to hold the camera as an excuse to travel under fire... so how was his journey, what did he learn and see from his point of view? And how Osama El-Wardani directed his first movie (Tahrir Ben Ghazi )?

original title: Tahrir Ben Ghazi
country: Egypt
year: 2011
genre: documentary
directed by: Osama Elwardani
film run: 24'
screenplay: Osama Elwardani
cinematography by: Osama Elwardani
production: SEMAT Production and Distribution
distributor: SEMAT Production and Distribution
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