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by Ovidiu Georgescu


In Romanian mythology the Incubus is a handsome demon who bewilders the minds and feelings of the young girls making them yearn for love. He is also considered an erotic semi-divine being, symbolizing all forms of sexuality belonging to the women who crave for sexual pleasure. The Incubus discreetly enters the house of his victim and his main activity is actually a sexual initiation. The Incubus is a well-known figure in almost all the world's mythological lore. In 2012 the last of the Incubi, Zanoni, has retreated in an old mansion taking the form of a mysterious character who 'invites girls on nocturnal motorcycle rides' offering them wonderful moments of passion. One night, Zanoni arrives at the concert of Eliza, a beautiful 22 year old singer. Zanoni and Eliza will fall in love as she is taken on a journey in the fantasy world of the Incubi.

original title: Ultimul zburator
country: Romania
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Ovidiu Georgescu
film run: 111'
screenplay: Mihai Manescu, Ovidiu Georgescu, Theo Herghelegiu
cast: Gabriel Dutu, Iulia Verdes, Constantin Cojocaru, Constantin Cotimanis, Marius Bodochi, George Ivascu
cinematography by: Dragos Popescu
film editing: Laura Georgescu
producer: Mihai Manescu, Ovidiu Georgescu
production: Hi Film Productions
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