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by Lou Ye


Ma lost his sight in a childhood accident and now relies on his hearing. His co-workers in a Nanjing massage parlour share his fate. With a camera that follows closely as they tentatively feel their way about and a soundtrack that takes note of even the tiniest of noises, this film enters a world of darkness. Lou Ye, who worked with a mixed cast of blind and sighted actors, follows his protagonists through their lives for a while, exploring their desires and dreams, but also sketching the reality of life in modern day China.

international title: Blind Massage
original title: Tui Na
country: China, France
sales agent: Wild Bunch
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Lou Ye
film run: 114'
screenplay: Ma Yingli
cinematography by: Zeng Jian
film editing: Kong Jinlei, Zhu Lin
art director: Du Ailin
costumes designer: Zhang Dingmu
producer: Wang Yong, Nai An, Li Ling
co-producer: Kristina Larsen
production: Les Films du Lendemain, Shaanxi Culture Industry, Dream Factory/China
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