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by Jean-François Pignon


Jean-François, a twelve-year-old boy, lives with his parents and brother on the family farm. One day, a fabulous gift, Gazelle, a foal, disrupts his peaceful existence. With Gazelle he discovers an unknown world, full of sensitivity and silence. In this film, we follow the life story of Jean-François Pignon, one of the most famous horse trainers in the world, from the beginning of his career to the point where pride is his undoing. We then observe the conversion which leads him to wok on what he wishes to become, along with the transformation that this approach brings to his relationships with other human beings, of course, but also with horses, and which perhaps finally leads him to discover the secret of happiness.

original title: Gazelle
country: France
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Jean-François Pignon
film run: 112'
release date: FR 26/03/2014
cast: Jean-Claude Adelin, Jacques Chapon, Vincent Clopez, Stéphanie Chaput, Hugues Farcis
cinematography by: Sylvestre Dedise
film editing: Sylvestre Dedise
costumes designer: Sylvie Pignon
music: Damien Hervé
production: Gad Sgns Product
distributor: Gad Sgns Product
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