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by Nikolas List


25-year-old David wakes up in a village sunk into darkness with no memory of what happened or how he ended up there. He soon realizes that he cannot leave the place: whatever direction he takes, he keeps getting back to the same point. Memories of his past start coming back to him, one by one, like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle assembling together, and David starts to figure out what he has to do to get free from his sufferings…

international title: Tombville
original title: Tombville
country: Belgium
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Nikolas List
film run: 67'
screenplay: Nikolas List
cast: Axel De Vreese, Eric Godon, Pierre Lognay, Dominique Rongvaux, Bernard Suin
cinematography by: Camille Langlois
film editing: Nikolas List
producer: Maria Abecasis, Nikolas List
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