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by Djie Han Thung


The weight of the world rests on the shoulders of Daniel Ichigo, a childhood prodigy turned top NASA researcher. Engineers and mechanics are building pods – the titular capsules – each capable of housing 900 selected survivors. Everyone else dies. There is nothing else to be done: A neighboring star has collapsed, and a wave of gamma radiation is heading towards Earth. It's Ichigo's task to select the lucky few, based on his belief that those best set to be locked away indefinitely with 899 strangers are those with the greatest capacity for love.

international title: Capsule
original title: Capsule
country: Netherlands
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Djie Han Thung
film run: 85'
release date: NL 17/04/2014
screenplay: Gerson Oratmangoen
cast: Orlando Manuel do Brito, Anouk Kleykamp, Jet Kragt, Frida Krijger, Ernst ter Linden, Michael Schnörr
cinematography by: Nanko Goeting
film editing: Leonardo Cariglino
music: Paul David Heckhausen, Simon Schmidt
producer: Stefany Rietkerk
production: Artcore, Stichting Faaam
distributor: Filmfreak Distributie
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