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by Christophe Loizillon


My Camera and Me limns a guy who, from ages 6 to 36, rarely lifts his finger off the trigger of a camera pointed at daily events. The urge to document and the struggle to connect are explored with considerable humor and a pleasant melancholy as our hero, Max, falls for a sensual blind girl.

international title: My Camera and Me
original title: Ma caméra et moi
country: France
sales agent: MGI International
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Christophe Loizillon
film run: 85'
release date: FR 10/07/2002
screenplay: Christophe Loizillon, Santiago Amigorena
cast: Zinedine Soualem, Julie Gayet, Julien Collet, Isabelle Grare, Juliette Andrea, Céline Larrigaldie, Gérald Maillet, Carole Thibaut, Cécile Richard
cinematography by: Aurélien Devaux
film editing: Sarah Turoche
art director: Françoise Arnaud
costumes designer: Françoise Arnaud
music: Laurent Martin
producer: Santiago Amigorena, Yann Gilbert
production: Les Films du Rat, La Mouche du Coche Films, Macadam Films
distributor: Rezo Films, Cinemart (CZ)
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