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by Massimiliano Amato


Freddy Angi, a writer in crisis, separate and homeless, stumbles into strange love affairs, including one with his wife Anna. The two meet now and then as lovers in a hotel room. Although separate in all respects, their bond seems unbreakable. The restlessness of Freddy, however, is not mere sentimental issue, but an existential evil that drives him towards an elsewhere that is not there.

original title: Freddy Hotel
country: Italy
sales agent: Striped Entertainment/New York
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Massimiliano Amato
film run: 90'
release date: IT 10/03/2014, FR 09/07/2014
screenplay: Massimiliano Amato
cast: Nicola Garofalo, Maria Cristina Blu, Giulia Morgani, Alberto Tordi, Luca Guastini, Pino Torcasio, Elisabetta Dursi, Delphine Sartiaux, Zakia Allel, Diego Bottiglieri
cinematography by: Massimiliano Amato
film editing: Lorenzo Morganti
art director: Sara Santucci
music: Francesco Perri, Eleonora Esposto, Dario Vero
producer: Barbara Venturi
production: A Film Productions
distributor: Cinéma Saint-André des Arts
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