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by Jan Vardoen


8 British actors and a narcoleptic director travel to the Norwegian Arctic Circle to film Henrik Ibsen's play 'The Lady From The Sea'. Thinking it will be an easy task, they are soon overwhelmed by the surreal surroundings and the never ending daylight. This magnifies the internal tensions in the cast and influences their personal lives and the film itself. We follow them through their strife, joy and adventures to the culmination of what turns out to be a great film and a success for everyone involved.

international title: Heart of Lightness
original title: Søvnløs i Lofoten
country: Norway
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Jan Vardoen
release date: NO 30/05/2014
screenplay: Ellen Lyse Einarsen, Petter Holmern Halvorsen, Jan Vardoen
cast: James Bachman, Michael Colgan, Rosie Day, Laura Donnelly, Jannicke Stendal Hansen, Daisy Head, Sam Heughan
cinematography by: Petter Holmern Halvorsen, Patrik Säfström
film editing: Jeremy Robøle
music: Jan Vardoen
producer: Jan Vardoen
production: Beacon Isle Films
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