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by Kristijan Milic


It is 1991, the early days of the war, and the under-equipped and undermanned Croatian forces are taking heavy blows from the Yugoslav army, Serbian volunteers and paramilitary troops. A unit of 20 mostly inexperienced soldiers from Bjelovar arrive to strengthen the positions in the city of Pakrac. They want to turn the situation around and attack instead of defending, so they take an armored vehicle and enter the village of Kusonje, a supposed Serbian stronghold that appears to be empty. But it's actually a trap and the enemy forces them to barricade themselves in a house where they will spend the rest of the film, getting killed one by one. At the same time a group of more experienced soldiers from the headquarters in Pakrac is trying to reach them in order to help them to get out.

international title: Number 55
original title: Broj 55
country: Croatia
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Kristijan Milic
screenplay: Ivan Pavlicic
cast: Goran Bogdan, Slaven Knezović, Marko Jelic, Marko Cindrić, Alen Liverić, Dino Rogic, Asim Ugljen
cinematography by: Mirko Pivčević
film editing: Veljko Segarić
art director: Damir Gabelica
costumes designer: Vedrana Rapic
music: Andrija Milic
producer: Stanislav Babic
production: Telefilm
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