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by Narjiss Nejjar


In Berber country, hemmed in by a ring of mountains, a village of women offer their bodies, where the only men who enter are those who pay. A village which the elderly have fled, in search of refuge behind an imposing barrier of snow. In this village, Hala is the Chief. Proud and mean spirited, she enforces the law and makes the rules. Her mother, forgotten in prison 25 years ago, returns, accompanied by a man, a bus driver, orphan and amateur comedian. Their arrival causes a shock like the last gasp before death... and rebirth.

international title: CRY NO MORE
original title: AL OUYOUNE AL JAFFA
country: France, Morocco
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Narjiss Nejjar
film run: 118'
release date: FR 04/02/2004
cinematography by: Denis Gravouil
film editing: Emmanuelle Pencalet
art director: Hayat Sbai
music: Guy-Roger Duvert
production: Terre Sud Films / Jbila Méditerranée Productions
distributor: Les Films sans Frontières