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by Mikkel Serup


The three friends Thomas, Andreas and Niels are once again united in The Reunion 2. Thomas is finally getting married, and Andreas has arranged the bachelor party of the century... he thinks. But a shocking death during Thomas' bachelor party sends the three friends off on an unforgettable trip to a funeral; they probably won't be forgiven for. Speed-dating, infidelity and near death experiences put their relationship on a serious test. The question is whether the three friends will survive the trip and the funeral - and will they make it home in time for Thomas' wedding.

international title: The Reunion 2 - The Funeral
original title: Klassefesten 2 - begravelsen
country: Denmark
sales agent: TrustNordisk
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Mikkel Serup
film run: 95'
release date: DK 06/02/2014
screenplay: Lars Mering, Claudia Boderke
cast: Nicolaj Kopernikus, Anders W. Berthelsen, Troels Lyby, Anne Sofie Espersen
cinematography by: Rasmus Heise
film editing: Martin Schade, Nicolaj Monberg
production: Nordisk Film Production A/S
backing: Danish Film Institute, TV2
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution

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