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by Amos Gitai


World War II. Tsili, a young Jewish woman, is hiding in the forest South of Czernowicz. Her entire family was deported to the camps. Hiding in the war zone, she builds a nest for herself. Escaping the savagery of the valley, she finds refuge in the nature. One day, Marek discovers her nest. He addresses her in Yiddish and finds out that she belongs to his people. Marek settles in the nest with Tsili. One day he will go down to the village to look for food. He will never return. The war is over. Tsili starts walking. She finds a group of people assembling next to the coast looking for a boat that will take them to another land. Inspired by the novel by Aharon Appelfeld, the film tells the story of the wandering of its heroine submerged in the nightmare of the war. Tsili gathers all the forces of intuition and vitality to survive in this desperate universe.

international title: Tsili
original title: Tsili
country: Israel, Russia, France, Italy
sales agent: Agav Film
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Amos Gitai
film run: 88'
release date: FR 12/08/2015
screenplay: Amos Gitai, Marie-José Sanselme
cast: Sarah Adler, Meshi Olinski, Lea Koenig, Adam Tsekhman, Andrey Kashkar
cinematography by: Giora Bejach
film editing: Yuval Orr, Isabelle Ingold
art director: Andrei Chernikov
costumes designer: Dani Bar Shai
music: Alexej Kochetkov, Amit Poznansky
producer: Michael Tapuah, Laurent Truchot, Yury Krestinskiy, Pavel Douvidzon, Denis Freyd, Amos Gitai
production: Archipel 35, Agav Films, Trikita Entertainment (RU)
distributor: Diaphana Distribution, Epicentre Films

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