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by João Botelho


The tragedy and comedy in Carlos' life begins, grows and ends like the tragedy and comedy of Portugal. In the company of his close friend, Joao da Ega, allegedly a brilliant writer, Carlos, with his idle existence as an aristocratic doctor, spends his time to enjoying friends and lovers. Until he falls in love. She is a new character in this revolutionary novel. It's a vertiginous passion that goes beyond that past gloominess to reach a new and darker abyss, incest.

international title: The Maias - Story of a Portuguese Family
original title: Os Maias - Cenas da Vida Romântica
country: Portugal
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: João Botelho
film run: 135'
release date: PT 11/09/2014
screenplay: João Botelho
cast: Graciano Dias, Maria Flor, João Perry, Pedro Inês, Hugo Mestre Amaro, Maria João Pinho
cinematography by: João Ribeiro
film editing: João Braz
art director: Silvia Grabowski
producer: Alexandre Oliveira
production: Ar de Filmes
distributor: Nos Lusomundo Audiovisuais
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