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by Davide Limone aka Davidekyo


Davide is finally realizing the dream of his life: to make a film for the cinema. He has actors, a crew, a production and distribution. But David soon found himself to have no budget left, and in late with the shooting schedule. The production stops the shooting and wants to sue him. Desperate, Davide decides, along with his two best friends, to set up a "gang of Superheroes" to rack up the amount he needs to finish the film.

original title: La banda dei supereroi
country: Italy
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Davide Limone aka Davidekyo
film run: 135'
release date: IT 16/10/2014
screenplay: Adriana Marzagalli, Davide Limone aka Davidekyo
cast: Davide Limone aka Davidekyo, Tania Bambaci, Paola Crova, Doriana La Fauci, Marco Merrino, Marco Mazzaglia, Jacopo Cavallaro
music: Andrea Bellucci
producer: John Real
production: Real Dreams Entertainment S.r.l.
distributor: Real Dreams Entertainment S.r.l.
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