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by Danièle Thompson


She flees a man in the hope that she’ll no longer love him. She heads for Mexico in economy class. She faces up to the failure of her life. She is rather clairvoyant, chatty, extroverted. Rose really isn’t ready to meet anyone new.
He’s chasing after a woman who he thinks he still loves. He travels first class in a plane going from New York to Munich. He’s depressed but refuses to admit it. He’s reserved, taciturn, totally repressed. Felix really isn’t ready to meet anyone new.

international title: Jet Lag
original title: Décalage horaire
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Danièle Thompson
film run: 90'
release date: FR 30/10/2002, BE 30/10/2002, CH 30/10/2002, NO 26/12/2002, GR 27/12/2002, ES 25/04/2003, IT 14/03/2003, NL 03/04/2003, PL 04/04/2003, HU 22/05/2003, SI 17/07/2003, PT 12/09/2003, DE 02/10/2003, AT 02/10/2003
screenplay: Danièle Thompson, Christopher Thompson
cast: Juliette Binoche, Sergi López, Jean Reno, Scali Delpeyrat, Karine Belly
cinematography by: Patrick Blossier
film editing: Sylvie Landra
art director: Michèle Abbé
costumes designer: Elisabeth Tavernier
music: Eric Serra
producer: Alain Sarde
production: Les Films Alain Sarde, TF1 Studio Production, Pathé Films
distributor: BAC Films, Cinémart (BE), Frenetic Films (CH), Scanbox Entertainment (NO), Prooptiki (GR), Vertigo Film (ES), 01 Distribution (IT), A-Film Distribution (NL), SPI International Polska (PL), SPI International Hungary (HU), SPI International Slovakia (SI), SPI International Czech Republic (CZ), Pathé Pictures (UK), Scanbox Entertainment (SE), Bergvik (IS), Scanbox Entertainment (FI), Angel Film (DK), Tobis (DE), Tobis (AT)
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