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by Petr Marek


A comic road movie, a "remarkable trail along the paths of the mind", a playful and witty story of a young couple who set off in search of the eclipse. The film is also a poetic reflection on transportation between places and communication between people. But chiefly it presents an unusual portrait of two of the director's close friends, Prokop Holoubek and Magdalena Hrubá, and a portrayal of their environment, the town where they live and the surrounding countryside.

international title: Love From Above
original title: Láska shora
country: Czech Republic
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Petr Marek
film run: 98'
release date: CZ 21/11/2002
screenplay: Petr Marek
cast: Prokop Holoubek, Magdalena Hrubá, Vit Janecek, Bohdan Karásek, Bohumil Kristek
cinematography by: Petr Marek, Prokop Holoubek, Zdeněk Eliáš, David Kristek, Magdalena Hrubá, Filip Cenek
film editing: Petr Marek
music: Petr Marek, Ondřej Šárek, Magdalena Hrubá, Prokop Holoubek
producer: Petr Oukropec
production: Negativ Film Productions, UnarFilm
backing: Czech Film Center/Ceské filmové centrum + Czech Film Fund/Státního fondu kinematografie
distributor: CinemArt

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