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by Petr Zelenka


A Czech folk star, a band of funeral musicians, and a Dutch filmmaker stumble towards enlightenment on a remarkable musical tour. Writer/director Petr Zelenka fuses fact and fiction in a music-filled, magical adventure that has ghosts and guardian angels helping people hear the melodies within them.
When the folk star approaches the band asking them to perform with him, he thinks they will help cure him of alcoholism. They think he will help them become famous, and the filmmaker thinks he has found a subject for a film. Naturally they are all right, but all of them get more than they bargained for...

international title: Year of the Devil
original title: Rok dábla
country: Czech Republic
sales agent: Cinepol International
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Petr Zelenka
film run: 88'
release date: SK 26/09/2002, PL 21/11/2003
screenplay: Petr Zelenka
cast: Jaromír Nohavica, Karel Plíhal, Jan Prent, Karel Holas, Frantisek Cerný
cinematography by: Miro Gábor
film editing: David Charap
art director: Milan Býček
costumes designer: Jaroslava Pecharová
music: Jaromir Nohavica & Cechomor
producer: Pavel Strnad, Petr Oukropec
production: Negativ Film Productions, CT Brno
backing: Czech Film Center/Ceské filmové centrum + Czech Film Fund/Státního fondu kinematografie
distributor: Falcon

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