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by Zdenek Tyc


Marek and Monika leave Prague for the country. Their goal is to find a better environment for their two adopted sons, both Romany by birth, and better air for their own boy, an asthma sufferer. But their dream of an open and natural environment soon vanishes when an elderly neighbour accuses young Frantisek of breaking the windshield of his car. The villagers are not very obliging to the newcomers and living among such intentional ill will, leads the family to react unthinkingly.

international title: BRATS
original title: SMRADI
country: Czech Republic
sales agent: Bionaut Films
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Zdenek Tyc
film run: 93'
release date: CZ 26/09/2002
screenplay: Zdenek Tyc, Tereza Boucková, Jirí Soukup
cast: Ivan Trojan, Petra Spalková, Jan Cina, Lukás Rejsek, Tomás Klouda
cinematography by: Patrik Hoznauer
film editing: Jaromír Vasek
art director: Stefan Theisz
costumes designer: Vladimíra Fomínová, Jitka Matiásková
music: Michal Nemec
producer: Alice Nemanská, Vratislav Šlajer, Helena Slaviková
production: Spi International Czech Republic
backing: Czech Film Center/Ceské filmové centrum + Czech Film Fund/Státního fondu kinematografie
distributor: SpinFilm, Artcam (CZ)

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