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by Francesco Clerici


A bronze foundry in Milan. Hands that shape, knead, model, mix, repair, sand and polish.

The film draws on a purely observational mode. It takes note of the workshop and its equipment, the peeling posters on the walls showing how long people have been working here. The sounds of work blend into the noise of the radio and the conversations in the background. The camera’s concentrated, patient gaze corresponds to the handwork being carried out. 

international title: Hand Gestures
original title: Il gesto delle mani
country: Italy
sales agent: Jon Barrenechea
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Francesco Clerici
film run: 77'
screenplay: Francesco Clerici
cast: Velasco Vitali, Andrea Boccone, Nicolae Ciortan, Mario Conti, Luigi Contino, Simion Marius Costel, Ilaria Cuccagna, Lino De Ponti, Tommaso Rossi, Caled Saad, Antonio Serra, Elia Alunni Tullini
cinematography by: Francesco Clerici
art director: Velasco Vitali
music: Claudio Gotti
producer: Velasco Vitali, Matteo Visconti de Modrone
production: Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, Velasco Vitali
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