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by Paolo Mitton


Scanio Libertetti, a failed engineer who earns a living repairing coffee machines, attends a speed awareness course in a small provincial town in the hills of Northern Italy. When asked to explain the circumstances that led to his speeding fine, he rewinds a little too far…launching into a story as long as a film about his life over the past year. Enter the childhood friends who are always so ready to criticise him; the uncle who’s constantly encouraging him to sort his life out; and the reassuring presence of Helena, a young English girl who’s moved to Italy as a consultant in Human Resources and seems to be the only person who understands him. For a while, at least.

international title: The Repairman
original title: The Repairman
country: United Kingdom, Italy
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Paolo Mitton
film run: 89'
release date: IT 26/02/2015
screenplay: Paolo Mitton, Francesco Scarrone
cast: Daniele Savoca, Hannah Croft, Paolo Giangrasso, Fabio Marchisio, Irene Ivaldi
cinematography by: David Rom
film editing: Matteo Paolini, Enrico Giovannone
costumes designer: Anna Filosa
producer: Paolo Giangrasso, Paolo Mitton, Filippo Margiaria
production: Aidìa, Seven Still Pictures Ltd
distributor: Cineama
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