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by Alexis Alexiou


Stelios is the owner of a Jazz Club in Athens. A few years ago, through the help of his former associate Vassos, Stelios received a business loan from the Romanian in order to renovate his club. In 2010, the recession finds Stelios on the brink of bankruptcy unable to repay the loan. The Romanian meets with Stelios and gives him one day to come up with a solution. In a vortex of adultery, drug abuse, violence, guilt and self-deceit, Stelios has a few hours left to save his club, salvage his crumbling marriage, battle the mafia loan-sharks, baptize his employee’s kid and show up at school to receive his son’s report card as a responsible parent.

international title: Wednesday 04:45
original title: Tetarti 04:45
country: Germany, Greece, Israel
sales agent: Loco Films
year: 2015
genre: fiction
directed by: Alexis Alexiou
release date: GR 12/03/2015, DE 04/02/2016
screenplay: Alexis Alexiou
cast: Stelios Mainas, Dimitris Tzoumakis, Adam Bousdoukos, Giorgos Simeonidis, Maria Nafpliotou
cinematography by: Christos Karamanis
film editing: Lambis Haralambidis
art director: Spyros Laskaris
costumes designer: Spyros Laskaris
production: Twenty Twenty Vision, Faliro House Productions, Marni Films, ARTE Deutschland, Pie Films (IL)
backing: Eurimages Council of Europe, Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA), Greek Film Center (with the support of), Israel Film Fund, New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT)
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